Force Motors, Traveller Delivery Van is suitable to carry goods in high Volume (handle with care) goods

Force Motors, Traveller Delivery Van is suitable to carry goods in high Volume (handle with care) goods

Force Motors, is the Pune based pioneer of the LCV Industry that gave India iconic brands like the Tempo, Matador, Minidor and Traveller. Over the last fifty years, it has partnered with leading global automotive names like Daimler, ZF, Bosch, BMW and MAN from Germany.

Force Motors, Traveller Delivery Van is suitable to carry goods in high Volume (handle with care) goods. The Monocoque body is almost a Tonne lighter than any other vehicle in its class which contributes to better fuel efficiency, enhanced cost savings & better manoeuvrability.

Traveller DV offers business class travel for your cargo because of its High Performance & Reliability, Safety & Convenience & more savings.

We at Force Motors, strive to provide appropriate solution for transport - Traveller DV can be customized as

1. Courier & Parcel – Logistics: Factory built ready to use delivery van has high durability, ready to use from day one. Operates 20-30 days more than locally built DV leading to higher profit also low cost of repair in case of accident due to insurance on complete vehicle.

2. FMCG Distribution: Traveller DV with fully closed body provides safety to goods against dust, rain and theft. This reduces cost incurred due to damage/theft, thus increasing profitability. Side walls provide large branding space.

3. Reefer Van/Bakery Van: FM 2.6 CR produces 90HP results in trouble free operation of vehicle and A/C system. This results in higher vehicle utilization leading to highest profitability

4. Pharmaceuticals – Hub & Spoke: Lowest loading height 695 mm and highest rear door opening angle – 270 deg and sliding door will facilitate ease for loading and unloading, do not cause hindrance to traffic. This helps least delivery time and higher productivity.

5. Mobile Service Van: Large cargo space gives ease to carry/install equipment to provide service at given location. Least turning radius of 6 mts provides better manoeuvrability and least turnaround time. Hence high customer satisfaction and profitability.

6.Cash Van : Company built strong and durable body with strong locking mechanism at rear door enhances security against theft. This results customer satisfaction, increase in business and hence revenue.

7. Mobile Clinics: Different wheelbases to suit needs to different clinics/labs/pathology. High flexibility to operate on rural as well as urban routes will help to increase quantum of business/service.

8. Labs-Pathology / Vaccine Van: Company built body ensured for waterproof, Security and hygienic for maintaining neat & clean Lab. DV 90hp Powerful engine make coolest and maintain temperature accordingly to the medicines and others equipments. Easy to move & maintain Vaccine Van on wheel

We have established many others business opportunity on Force Traveller Delivery Van like Restaurants , Sweets Shop, Media Van, Retail Chains-Hub & Spoke, Pharmaceuticals-Hub & Spoke, Electric Companies-Distributors Food Van, Fruits & Vegetable shop, ICE Cream-Parlour, Bomb-DOG Squad, Reefer Van, White Goods Display Van, Sea Food Companies, Processed & Packed Food Co., Fisheries, ATM Vans, Bank on Wheel, Labs-Pathology, Labs-Soil Testing, Floweriest, Vaccine Van, Hospitals, Hearse Van, Utility Van-MSEB/ PWD/Post, Airlines, Auto Parts & Accessories, Corporate Companies ETC..ETC...


Force Motors delivery van comes with an unmatched warranty of 3 years/ 3.0 Lac KM, with 7 free services.

Please provide us with your convenient time for an in-person discussion on how Force Motors- Traveller Delivery Van would be the Best Choice for you!

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