Force Motors offers Fully Factory Built Ambulance range with unmatched performance

Force Motors Limited- Traveller Ambulance

Force Motors, is the Pune based pioneer of the LCV Industry that gave India iconic brands like the Tempo, Matador, Minidor and Traveller. Over the last fifty years, it has partnered with leading global automotive names like Daimler, ZF, Bosch, BMW and MAN from Germany.



A completely vertically integrated company, Force makes its own engines, chassis, gearboxes, axles, bodies, etc. for their entire product range. We manufactures a wide range of vehicles including Multi Utility Vehicles (MUV) like Trax Passenger & Toofan Range, Ambulance, Kargo King Pickup, Light Commercial Vehicles (LCV) includes Traveller Range, Ambulance, School Bus and Traveller Delivery Van. Force Motors also manufactures Sports Utility Vehicles (SUV) like Gurkha.


Force Motors offers Fully Factory Built Ambulance range with unmatched performance, Top Class safety & excellent reliability also complies with National Ambulance code. IT is powered by Mercedes derived engines these ambulance reach the site first with the help of advance life support equipment on board are able to administer medical treatment during transit and help save precious lives.

 The first sixty minutes after traumatic injury is called the Golden Hour if medical treatment is administered within this hour, the likelihood of survival of the patient is the highest. This is where Force Traveller Range comes into play with below types-

Traveller Ambulance (Type-B)- For transport of Patients who are not expected to become  emergency patients.

Traveller Ambulance (Type-C)- Patients requiring basic monitoring & non- invasive airway management.

Traveller Ambulance (Type- D)- For emergency patients intensive monitoring and invasive airway management.


Major USPs of Force Traveller Ambulance-


  1. Factory Built Ambulance withAIS complies and Mercedes derived Powerful & Reliable engine.

  2. Monocoque designfor outstanding structural strength resulting in excellent durability, safety and Lower NVH (Noise, Vibration & Harshness) levels.

  3. 3Robotic weldingmade entirely of pressed steel panels fused together in a robotic environment.

  4. 4. 7thGen CED paintingprocess for unmatched corrosion resistance.

  5. 5Robotic Paintingfor car like gloss and even paint finish.

  6. Automated assembly line- Roller Break Testing.

  7. Force Motors delivery van comes with anunmatched warranty of 3 years/ 3.0 Lac KM, with 7 free services.


Information source- Email received  from CHETAN RATHORE dated 29th June 2020.