ISRO Cyberspace Competitions–2020 (ICC–2020)

June 11, 2020 | Bengaluru | India
ISRO Cyberspace Competitions–2020 (ICC–2020)

During the present COVID-19 challenging times, when physical meetings are nearimpossible, ISRO plans to play its unifying role for the young minds of our country by involving them in various online competitions showcasing their potential talents byorganising online ISRO Cyberspace Competitions–2020 (ICC–2020).ICC–2020 would avoid the physical travel of the students to different places andfacilitates their participation online keeping them safe within their home during these testing times.

The competitions planned in ICC–2020are:
1. Drawing competition for Class 1 to 3,
2. Model making competition for Class 4 to 8,
3. Essay competition for class 9 to 10 (both Hindi and English),
4. Essay competition / Space-Quiz contest for class 11 to 12 (both Hindi and

During the present scenario, when all the outreach programmes related to space science and technology are apparently on halt, this cyberspace based competition will be a frontrunner in motivating the student community to explore the concepts and boundless mysteries in the space science and technology domain.

With increase in digital penetration of the Indian mass, the participation in this competition will be in-line towards the philosophy of ‘Digital India’ and aims to tap the creativity, inquisitiveness, innovativeness harnessing the unbound imagination of school students towards Space Science and Technology.

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